Our Story - 5.ATE Café | Spring, TX
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Our Story


The 5.ATE Café, tucked inside inSPIRE Rock Indoor Climbing and Team Building Center in Spring, just north of Houston, opened in December of 2013. Initially, InSPIRE attracted attention for the height and scale of its climbing walls, which stretch as tall as 43 feet and span about 17,000 square feet. But it soon gained recognition for its café as well.


Handcrafted quality food is a staple in our kitchen.

The burger buns are served on homemade sourdough English muffins from the same dough the pizza crusts are made from. The sauces are meticulously seasoned with old school recipes. And when we can make it from scratch – we do.


The name of the cafe is a play on rock climbing terminology. The Yosemite Decimal System rates rope-assisted climbing on a scale of 5.1 to 5.15 to indicate difficulty.

Paul Short wanted to offer climbers at his indoor rock climbing gym a good meal or quick snack after a long workout. He partnered with his brother-in-law, Charlie Williams, to create 5.ATE Cafe on the premises. The small restaurant has become a draw both for climbers and for foodies with no intention of scaling the walls.